Jokoy Loves Bungus at the "She Ready" foundation Gala



Tiffany Haddish knows all too well what it’s like to move from house to house in the middle of the night with your belongings packed in garbage bags feeling like the world has forgotten you. She also knows the challenges of navigating life once turning 18, and being removed from foster care--not having a place to go. That's why she created She Ready Foundation to inspire, protect and provide resources for youth impacted by foster care. On any given day there are about 425,000 youth in foster care. Nearly 20,000 age out annually at age 18-21 and are expected to be financially and emotionally self-sufficient. Once transition aged youth (TAY) age out of foster care, homelessness and unemployment become a huge issue and within 4 years: 70% will be on government assistance 25% will not have completed high school Less than 12% will ever earn a college degree 50% will have no earnings With over 10.44 million jobs in 2021 nationwide, many TAY are not in a position to be employed. With these grim facts She Ready Foundation recognizes these young people as the most vulnerable and focus to gain them employment & productive lifestyles through our internship program. #jokoy @thaddish @Jokoy @FabTV #fabtv @Netflix


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