Director: Jesús Manuel Muñoz at his premiere of "Guadalupe"



Director: Jesús Manuel Muñoz A fascinating journey through Mexican culture and spirituality in search of the origins of the Virgin of Guadalupe, an icon that emerged after the shocking clash between Europe and the Mesoamerican peoples. With all its lights and shadows, this ‘brown skinned’ virgin is the first and most important sign of Mexican identity. Director Biography - Jesús Manuel Munoz Jesús Muñoz was born and raised in the Mexican border town of Juárez, across El Paso Texas. After receiving a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, he studied filmmaking at the London Film School in England. His work has been screened at several international film festivals and broadcast in America and Europe. Jesus' documentaries address complex and controversial topics that lead the audience towards a more nuanced perspective. In the year 2000, his TV documentary "Frida Kahlo: the ribbon that ties the bomb" premiered on HBO Latin America and was sold in several territories throughout the world for broadcast television. In 2018 he co-produced and co-directed the feature documentary “A Philosopher in the Arena”, which grossed the highest cinema box-office in Mexico for a feature documentary in 2018, was unanimously hailed by critics and was part of critic Ernesto Diez Martinez's "Best of Mexican Cinema 2018". The film was picked by Pantaleon films in the US and distributed by iTunes in Latin America. "Guadalupe, The Making of a Nation" to be released in 2023 is his first feature documentary film as solo director. Narrated by Mexican actress Mabel Cadena (Black Panther: Wakanada forever), the film’s titles and graphic design was created by Dan Perri (Raging Bull – Suspiria – There Will Be Blood) and makes use of the Nahuatl language with indigenous actors in several of its scenes. He is set to begin filming “Offsiders” a feature documentary portrait of a children’s football club in ‘El Segundo Barrio’, an emblematic Hispanic immigrant area in El Paso, Texas known as the Ellis Island of the southern United States.


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