Frankie Faison Celebrating the heroes Hamilton "behind the camera" Awards



Celebrating the heroes behind the camera By the time the Director first calls “Action!” on a movie set, there has already been months of work behind the scenes. When the professionals – among them set designers, screenwriters, prop masters, visual effects specialists and costume designers – do their work well, the audience doesn’t notice a thing. But, without them, a movie just wouldn’t happen. Hamilton celebrates the unsung heroes behind the camera. When we watch a movie, we see the actors on screen, larger than life as they live out the stories of their characters, following the arc of the plot, building to a climax before the happy ending, shocking twist or satisfactory conclusion. It is usually the actors who receive accolades for their work but Hamilton, with our long and prestigious history of working in the world of movies, choose to recognize the hard work of those whose names do not appear in lights. That the actors play out their scenes in historically accurate clothing or settings, or that the action takes place in an immaculately imagined future is down to the teams of specialists, hundreds of whom are involved in the film project from start to finish, and all of whom are always behind the camera.


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