Prince Jackson arrives at the Thriller Night Halloween Party



Prince Jackson Says 'So Much' of Father Michael Remains 'in His Music': 'I Think About Him Every Day' Prince Michael Jackson is remembering Michael Jackson's legacy. During the Thriller Night Halloween Party event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic album and single on Friday evening, the 25-year-old son of the late King of Pop opened up to PEOPLE about how much he misses the presence of his dad in his life after losing him over a decade ago. "I think about him every day," Prince told PEOPLE. "There are a lot of complexities in life that I feel parents teach their children [about], so without that, there's some confusion there. And also, it's a big legacy to uphold, you know? It would be great if I knew how he would like it to be upheld. So, in that way, I think about him every day." Noting that he regularly listens to his dad's music, Prince — the oldest of Michael's three kids — added, "So much of his personality, so much of him, is in his music. And what I miss probably the most about him, I was talking to somebody about it, are his hands. He had really strong, really big hands. Firm, but they were gentle. It's tough to explain."


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