Toy Story 4 Annie Potts who is so good with "Bo Peep"



Annie Potts is "Bo Peep" in Toy Story 4 With the premiere of "Toy Story 4" just over two weeks away comes the introduction of a new character, Forky, whose creation was inspired by the childhood of Pixar animator Claudio De Oliveira. Forky, a spork made out of trash, is brought to life by Bonnie on her first day of Kindergarten. His character is unique because it is the first in the series to be made by a child. Throughout the movie, Woody teaches Forky the meaning of belonging to a child who loves him. “He was created by many people,” De Oliveira told FabTV. “He went from department to department, from artist to artist. We had sessions to build our own Forkys to see which was better, and to borrow ideas from each other.” De Oliveira had a special connection with Forky from the beginning. Growing up, he was one of the children who created toys from nothing.


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