Barak Zilberberg 2024 US President Candidate



2024 Presidential Candidate Barak Zilberberg Turns a Nonpartisan Corner. @ZilberbergBarak no longer sees a home in #GOP where allegiance comes wi/ hand-cuffs. #Nonpartisan #PresidentialElection2024 #USPresident #election #candidate Right now the Democrats and Republicans are speaking to the fringes of their parties while I can talk to the Middle 60% that agree with me on so many issues.”— Barak Zilberberg LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2023/ -- Businessman and entrepreneur Barak Zilberberg, who self-funded a campaign for Nevada Governor in 2022, has left the Republican Party for a nonpartisan affiliation in his quest for the White House. Zilberberg, who maintains properties in Nevada and California is a real estate entrepreneur who believes immigrants and small businesses have been thrown out of the Republican Party along with ideas like a women’s right to choose and gender equality. “When the shoes don’t fit and are full of holes, we need to change to evolve,” states Zilberberg. Describing the modern Republican Party as “lacking a backbone of rules or a thinking brain” and thus he has left the party for the ‘middle 60%’ identifying his run as a Nonpartisan candidate. A father, husband and entrepreneur, Zilberberg is an accomplished business leader, his expertise lies in identifying and addressing complex challenges head-on. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate economic landscapes and foster innovative solutions. Now, he brings this same approach to the political arena, offering a transformative perspective that resonates with citizens from all walks of life, united by a common goal. Zilberberg believes the voice of small businesses has been lost in our government and our current immigration policies are starving them of an important workforce our economy has counted on. “I believe there is a better way to regulate our borders, we need to welcome righteous, talented migrants illegally into our nation, so others may access the abundance this great country has to offer.” With a combination of views that can’t be confined inside partisan labels, Barak is launching his campaign for 2024 President built by the support of the people of America and that includes immigrants, because they come into the United States to build families and businesses, just like Zilberberg’s parents did. Today, he is a living example of the American Dream, and believes future generations should be afforded that same chance. “Our country is diverse and our leaders should come from diverse backgrounds – but right now voters only have 2 choices. I’m done with party politics and voters are too. Anything is possible in America and that’s why I have a chance. Right now the Democrats and Republicans are speaking to the fringes of their parties while I can talk to the Middle 60% that agree with me on so many issues.” Zilberberg's approach to governance is rooted in collaboration and inclusivity. Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives, he believes in working across party lines to find common ground and achieve meaningful progress. Through his inclusive leadership style, he aims to bridge political divides and bring people together to create a unified and prosperous nation. He supports the LGBTQ community, thinks the country should be pro-choice, and would push to legalize cannabis federally. He also plans to strengthen national security, invest in infrastructure, support small businesses, improve access to quality education, enhance teacher salaries, and improve our relationships with allies worldwide. For his campaign, he’s asking the people to donate $1 to support the vision and show the power of the American dollar. He chose to not be backed by corporations or lobbyists. Instead, he is funding his campaign with the help of the people he will represent. Learn more about Barak Zilberberg and get involved through his official website. Stay connected @BarakZilberberg on Instagram. Barak Zilberberg for 2024 United States President #BarakZilberberg #uspresidentialelections #uspresidentialelections2023


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